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Faith-based movie ‘A Week Away’ becomes first Christian musical on Netflix

Alan Powell, creator, co-writer and producer of the upcoming Netflix faith-based musical "A Week Away," says Netflix couldn't be more excited for the release of its first original faith-based musical. Powell's "A Week Away" features a slew of rearranged contemporary Christian music hits and a high-profile Hollywood cast. Some of the actors include Sherri Shepherd, David Koechner, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling and Iain Tucker.


The idea for the movie came from Powell, a Christian singer and actor, who co-wrote the screenplay with Kali Bailey. He was inspired to write the script after chatting with his brother-in-law who runs a youth group. Initially, there was going to be a theatrical release of the film, but Powell said Netflix acquiring the film is a dream come true. 

“I want to be really clear; I’m so excited about this partnership with Netflix. This is not in any capacity a plan B,” Powell told The Christian Post in a recent interview. “When you think about this movie and the tone of the movie and the vibe of the movie, I’ve always, truthfully, I’m not exaggerating, I’ve always hoped that it would find this home.

“And literally, Netflix would be the home because my desire is that this becomes similar to other brands that we love,” Powell continued. “Whether it be ‘High School Musicals,’ characters that we grasp on to, where it’s not necessarily specifically about the film, but it’s about this experience and these characters and the music and all this kind of stuff.”

“Netflix is arguably the biggest distributor of content in the world, so we’ve always wanted and hoped that it would land there,” he said. Powell recalled witnessing how much his daughters consumed musicals on Netflix. He said to have his musical on Netflix is a dream come true.

Powell said he’d heard reactions from people who were surprised Netflix took the film on after the streaming service ignited controversy when it refused to remove “The First Temptation of Christ,” a satirical film that portrays Jesus as a homosexual. More than 1.3 million people signed a petition demanding that Netflix remove the Brazilian comedy that it aired ahead of Christmas. Some Christians even canceled their Netflix subscriptions over it.  


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