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Egyptian Christian Murdered for his faith


An Egyptian Coptic Christian was murdered by a work colleague, for his Christian faith, on May 7.

International Christian Concern reported that  Beboui Kamel, an Egyptian Coptic Christian, was murdered by a work colleague on the 7th of May on a street in Cairo. The murderer, Hamad Abdl Latef, worked under the supervision of Beboui and has told the police that killed Beboui for his Christian faith.

The incident was captured by surveillance footage from a nearby building. The two men spoke briefly while passing, but then Hamad returned with a knife and killed Beboui. It was the first time the men had meet in nearly two weeks. The police are currently conducting an investigation and a final police report is pending. Beboui, the family’s primary breadwinner, leaves behind a wife and two boys aged 15 and 9 years old.

Ramadan began two weeks ago, in this month the Christians suffer increased violence and harassment.


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