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Land-Grabbing of Christians in Pakistan

Christians in Pakistan have a history of being discriminated against and treated as second-class citizens. This takes the form of limited job opportunities, social barriers, and preventing believers from engaging with society. Because of this mentality, some Muslims believe that they have more rights to a plot of land than the Christian who owns it. Occasionally, this leads to violence against Christian landowners as a ploy to force them off of their property.

Although this practice is illegal, Christians often do not have the option to retaliate through force or legal measures because of the threat of additional persecution.

In 2018, at least seven cases of land-grabbing against Christians were reported; however, it is suspected that there are even more cases that people failed to report.

A church run by the Gospel of Jesus Mission was set ablaze in Shahdara Town, Lahore, in April 2018. The attackers were motivated to attack because they wanted to gain possession of the church property. Under similar motivations, a Catholic church in Faisalabad was attacked in July 2018.

In August 2018, a mob attacked local Christians in order to control a parcel of land that was under construction for a church.

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