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The example of Pope Francis and the Great Imam of Al Azhar in the UAE will be also useful for Africa

Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Bukoba in Tanzania, Method Kilaini, has spoken about his experience at the Global Conference of human fraternity held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 3 to 4 February, on the occasion of Pope Francis’ historic voyage to the UAE. "The great conference held in Abu Dhabi, attended by the Pope and the Great Imam of Al Azhar, was organised by Muslims. It shows that the faithful of Islam wish to build peace and harmony in the world,” he claimed.


Bishop Kilaini, a delegate to the Global Conference, underlined, “This conference and the Declaration signed by the Pope and by Imam Ahmad Al-Tayyib will be very useful in the context of Africa, where Islamic fundamentalist groups are growing.

This happens because many Islamic fundamentalists arrive in Africa, starting from the Middle East, and bring a message of hatred, discrimination and extremism to the local Muslims.” The Bishop adds,

“What happened in the United Arab Emirates brings a powerful message of peace, harmony, fraternity and says that Muslims want peace in the world, too. The message of fraternity will certainly reach Tanzania and various parts of Africa, helping people develop a peaceful society,” he said.

No religion promotes hatred and discrimination. According to Bishop Kilaini, the conference in the Emirates was a sign “that living in peace is possible. In the United Arab Emirates, there are people of various religions, beliefs, ethnic groups and cultures who live in unity without any kind of discrimination.

Therefore, it is possible to do it also in African countries. As the Great Imam of Al Azhar reminds us, no religion promotes hatred and discrimination, but every religion promotes love, peace and harmony,” the Bishop emphasised.

According to Bishop Kilaini, the conference in the Emirates was a sign “that living in peace is possible” and promoted.

In conclusion, Bishop Kilaini noted, “The presence, the words, the example of Pope Francis are for us an incentive to do more in the African context to accompany people of different faiths to live in peace and harmony.”



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