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Boko Haram attacked the seminary of Maiduguri in Nigeria but all students managed to escape in time

Boko Haram

On the 4th of February, at 7 P.M. terrorists of Boko Haram invaded the Nigerian village of Shuwa, where the minor seminary of the Diocese of Maiduguri is located.

The Italian news agency reported that the terrorists came without warning from the Sambisa forest and invaded the small village. The attackers hijacked vehicles – including a police minibus, looted houses and then set fire to the shops.

Later,  Boko Haram tried to invade the seminary. Thanks to the intervention of the Nigerian army, which was at the time in Madagali, 13 km away from Shuwa, the students were able to escape before the terrorists attacked their place of residence.

On hearing gunfire, the priests in charge of the seminary directed the students to seek shelter in the forest. reported that everyone was able to escape and no one died in the attack. The priests said that the students ran into the forest in multiple directions to thwart the terrorists that were hunting for them.

After spending the night in the forest, some returned to the seminary, but many are still in hiding.

Boko Haram also attacked the neighbouring village where they killed two people.

After a short period of peace, Boko Haram have restarted attacks in the northern part of the country. Nearly 30,000 Christians have died due to terrorist attacks since 2009.

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