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Church of Vaugneray desecrated in Rhones, France

church of Vaugneray

On the night of the 20th of October, the church of Vaugneray was desecrated, vandalised and pillaged.


Parishioners of the Saint-Antoine-l’Ermite church were shocked on Sunday morning when they arrived for Mass at 8:15 am. They found that the front door of the church had been forced open and everything seemed to indicate that there had been a robbery during the night.

Once inside the church, they discovered that the tabernacle had been damaged and strewn on the ground. Fortunately, the Eucharist was not removed, but the sanctuary itself was vandalised. In the church itself, every room was searched and the contents rifled except for the safe which the thieves failed to break open.

After reporting the incident to the local authorities, police arrived to begin their investigations.

Understandably, local parishioners are angry about what happened to their place of worship and are hopeful that the police will find the thieves and recover the items taken from the church.

Source, photo: Christianophobie


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