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UN ‘human rights’ experts demand the legalisation of abortion worldwide – while United Nations chief pledges to promote LGBT ‘rights’

Pro-life governments around the world must lift their protection of pre-born babies in the name of “fundamental rights,” “gender equality,” and even saving lives, according to so-called “human rights experts” from the United Nations. While just a few weeks ago the secretary general of the United Nations called for the international body to “redouble” its efforts to support the “LGBTI community” despite a “worldwide bias” to the contrary


On the 28th of September, the U.N. Human Rights Commission released a statement commemorating International Safe Abortion Day, issued by “experts” Ivana Radačić, Dainius Pūras, Dubravka Simonovic and Agnes Callamard. It calls on “governments across the world to decriminalise abortion,” which it claims is “at the very core of a woman’s fundamental right to equality, privacy and physical and mental integrity,” and a “precondition for the enjoyment of other rights and freedoms.”

The statement claims that preventing mothers from having their pre-born babies killed or placing lesser restrictions on abortion “has a debilitating impact on women’s capacity to claim equal standing in all aspects of life,” and forces women to resort to illegal abortions that allegedly cause 47,000 deaths and five million cases of temporary or permanent disability every year.

The statement does not acknowledge that every successful abortion, legal or illegal, results in the death of a unique and individual living human being.

The claim that pro-life laws do not significantly reduce abortion rates but only make abortions more “dangerous” is a popular pro-abortion refrain that is not supported by evidence.

In the United States, former Planned Parenthood insiders have admitted to dramatically exaggerating the number of pre-legalisation maternal deaths for political gain, while non-partisan fact checkers have acknowledged that medical advances such as new drugs were a real factor in reducing deaths in mothers undergoing abortions. 

Similarly, Americans United for Life examined abortion in Latin America in 2012 and concluded that medical standards were once again the actual cause of such deaths. The group’s report quoted the World Health Organization as acknowledging that “hospital structure” was the “most important variable” in determining maternal deaths.

The “idea that abortion is blameworthy is nothing more than a cultural construction,” the UN declaration claims.

The declaration also cites a number of common pro-abortion talking points, pitting them against pro-life arguments. It says “legal frameworks for abortion have typically been designed to control women’s decision-making, and that the spectre of “unsafe” illegal abortions proves that the very label “pro-life” is “misleading.”

“Love is reality. God is just a fairy tale!” – says banner at LMBTQ march

In the meantime, just a few weeks ago UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres sent a message to a ministerial meeting of the UN’s LGBTI Core Group: “The United Nations stands up for the rights of the LGBTI community. Many of its members are imprisoned, abused and even killed simply for who they are or whom they love.”

He praised “recent developments” such as the Supreme Court of India ruling earlier this month that the nation’s 150-year-old sodomy ban was unconstitutional, which pro-homosexual activists hoped would promote a broader trend in the region.

“But so long as people face criminalisation, bias and violence based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics,” he added, “we must redouble our efforts to end these violations.”



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