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S4C editorial team meet on the Day of Remembrance of Survivors of Religious Persecution

Last Friday was the first time we had the opportunity to commemorate the Day of Remembrance of Survivors of Religious Persecution. S4C, as the leading Hungarian news service on the persecution of Christians, welcomed the establishment of the remembrance day and was the first to announce it to the public in Hungary. On the 3rd of August, the members of the editorial team reaffirmed their commitment to our persecuted Christian brethren.

Our primary objective continues to be that of authentically presenting the current plight of persecuted Christians to the world. We achieve this by speaking out about the facts regarding religious persecution and the motives behind them. We also endeavour to bring into the spotlight all genuine initiatives that help those who are persecuted for their faith and belief.

Photo: Editorial team of S4C. From left to right: Gergely Vágvölgyi, Gergő Zoltán Varga, Adonis Kassab, Ildikó Ungvári, Bence Dallos, Balázs Puskás, Elvira Szórád,  Gergő Palenik, Bence Forintos

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