Thai boys rescued – Thanksgiving prayer

Lord, we thank you for saving your children.

Lord, you said that if two or three are gathered in your name, whatever they ask for would be granted. In past days, we took these words at their face value, and we prayed. Around the world, people in their thousands, perhaps even millions, prayed that the lives of these little ones, trapped in a cave in Thailand, would be spared from drowning or starving to death.  We prayed that they might make it out through the narrow caves. You heard our cries Lord, ours and theirs, and now they are safely out.

Lord, you told us that we should let the light within us shine forth so that others might see. I thank you Lord for the example of Pope Francis who prayed for the Thai children last week. Praying, he inspired many more to pray – I among them.

Lord, you said we should not worry about our lives because you give us everything we need. Thank you for providing these children with what they needed: a place to shelter, drops of water from the ceiling to keep them alive and the heroes that came to their rescue.

You said that no one has greater love than the one who lays down his life for his fellow men.  And one brave diver did precisely that. I pray for his family; Lord give them strength and consolation. Their sacrifice is not in vain – but their pain is overwhelming. You promised victory over death; bring that victory to their hearts and comfort their grief-stricken souls.

Thank you Lord, for inspiring me to pray for these children. Over the last few days, you taught me how insignificant my problems really are. You also reminded me that for you, all things are possible, even the impossible. During these days of prayer vigil, you taught me that you are always ready to help; all we have to do is ask, with great faith and from the depths of our heart. 

Thank you Lord for saving your children. Through them, once again, you reached out and touched our hearts too.

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  1. Anna 30 August, 2018 at 11:53 Reply

    I’ve read it for the third time, it is so… I really can’t find words. Thank you very much for this prayer!

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