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Women of Bangladesh forced to marry their rapists

Women in Bangladesh are facing the horrific trend of being raped and ultimately forced to marry their rapists.

Ten-year-old Christian girl escaped attempted rape in Pakistan

A 10-year-old Christian girl experienced an attempted rape by her brother’s teacher in her neighbourhood, Essa Nagri, Pakistan.

Nigerian sentenced to 26 years for forcing Christian teen into Islamic marriage

The criminal was initially let out on bail in 2016 but was later rearrested for failing to appear in court. 

She kept the baby she conceived when raped, today he’s a priest who defends life

Fr. Alfar Antonio Vélez, now a missionary priest, is grateful that his mother refused an abortion.

Dramatic situation in Sweden: "Rapes in Stockholm have increased by 20 percent”

Södersjukhuset hospital established a special emergency department for raped women