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Turkey redesigns an ancient Byzantine church to become a mosque

Hundreds of Muslims gathered for prayer on Friday when the new Kariye Mosque opened

An Ugandan man was beaten unconscious for leaving Islam

Conversion from islam to Christianity is often highly dangerous, not only in Uganda.

Less churches and more mosques: the crisis of Christianity in France

At least two Catholic churches or monuments are the subjects of theft or profanation on a daily basis.

Turkey’s abuse of historic churches continues

Turkey’s history is riddled with examples of converting churches into mosques or transforming them into tourism sites.

Christians attacked after incitement by mosque leaders in Sudan

The attacks came amid hopes that persecution of Christians would decline under the new transitional government.

Seventy church buildings approved in Egypt

Amid some controversial legal issues, Egyptian authorities have legalised the building of seventy places of worship.

Will Hagia Sophia become a mosque?

This does not only offend the feelings of Christians, but it is also an offense to the international community and law.

Hagia Sofia threatened by Turkish wish to transform it into a mosque

The former spiritual centre of Orthodox Christianity is likely to be turned into a mosque.