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Illegal immigrants vandalise a church in Lesvos

“The situation in the village is tragic,” said Makis Pavlellis, a local who lives and works in Moria.

Church in Lesvos attacked with stones by illegal immigrants - again

Local: “something very bad and dangerous has been going on for 4 months in the area. It looks organised and directed.”

Trashed church in Lesvos turned into giant toilet by illegal immigrants

The Saint Catherine Church in the small town of Moria on Lesvos, is now being used as a latrine.

Illegal immigrants vandalise another church on Lesvos just days out from Easter

The chapel of Saint Catherine, which is is located on the road to Moria migrant camp, has been attacked for the second time.

Greek Orthodox church in Lesvos vandalised by refugees - Watch video

Images are emerging of a Greek Orthodox church in Lesvos which was vandalised by refugees.

Jordan Peterson in private talks with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

He was in Budapest as a guest of the Brain Bar Festival on 30-31 May.