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Hamas uses rape as a weapon of war against kidnapped Israeli women

Hamas may be holding female hostages to keep them from talking, US official says.

4-year-old American girl among 17 hostages released by Hamas

4-year-old American-Israeli girl, Abigail Edan, was among 17 hostages released on the third day of a ceasefire.

France: Anti-Semitic acts have risen above 1,500 since attack by Hamas

In France, 1518 anti-Semitic incidents have been recorded since the October 7 terrorist attack in Israel by Hamas.

IDF: Hamas Carried Al Qaeda Formula to Make Chemical Weapons

IDF reported a USB flash drive found on the body of a Hamas terrorist with instructions to make cyanide-based chemical weapons.

Palestinian protesters attacked police in Berlin

Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel protesters attacked police in Berlin on Tuesday evening and night at multiple gatherings.

IDF Orders one Million Civilians to Evacuate Northern Gaza

"We are not seeing the residents of Gaza Strip as our enemies,” said Ambassador Gilad Cohen.

Christians denounce appalling Hamas attack on Israel

Christians have joined in the condemnation of a major Hamas attack on Israel