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Six children taken away from parents for placing them in Catholic schools

The children have been placed in different families and are not allowed to continue in their Catholic boarding.

Indonesian school forces children to wear a hijab to "protect from mosquitos"

International Christian Concern's local correspondent reported that an Indonesian school forces girls to wear a hijab.

Civil society to the government of Punjab: religious freedom in the education

"We ask the government to review all the measures that are clearly in conflict with the right to freedom of religion."

Spanish Catholic schools demand respect for freedom of education

Catholic schools account for around fifteen per cent of the entire education system in Spain.

Eighty percent of Lebanese Catholic schools risk closure

Due to recent legal administrative changes, the education of two-thirds of Lebanese pupils has been affected by a lack of resource

Children are deprived of education becuase of conflict in Syria

The future of one and a half million children are in danger.

Too English to be true! - or appreciated

The primary school got rated down because the majority of pupils are white British