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The oldest church in Scotland is closed down due to budget cuts

900 year-old Birnie Kirk held its last service on Sunday the 19th of November

Russia closes churches in occupied regions of Ukraine

Russian forces continue to close churches in the conquered regions that belonged to Ukraine

Officials remove seal from church in East Jakarta

The Christian congregation was overjoyed when officials removed the seal from the door of their church building

Algeria keeps on enforcing church closures

The current government refuses to acknowledge their existence.

Police confiscate the property of a house church in China

The crackdown against house churches could be a “gift” to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

Turkey’s abuse of historic churches continues

Turkey’s history is riddled with examples of converting churches into mosques or transforming them into tourism sites.

Algeria maintains church closures

Algeria’s administrative court has rejected a request from the Spring of Life Church in Makouda to cancel the closure order.