Tag: Anti-Christian legislation

Christians could be branded "extremists" by the UK government

Christians are at risk of being branded "extremists" under the government's new definition of extremism published this week

Church struggles against Indian state's stifling education order

The new law in Kerala violates minorities' rights to establish and manage educational institutions.

Indian Christians oppose Saraswati worship circular

Directive by Daman's administration requires mandatory veneration of the Hindu goddess of knowledge

Spanish lawyers act to prevent removal of crosses by officials

Christian symbols are linked to the country's former dictatorship.

New law in Iran threatens more arrests of Christians

Legislation passed by parliament in Iran could make it easier to arrest and imprison Christians and other religious minorities

Iran increases hardline stance against Christians

The legislature passed amendments regarding the country’s Islamic Penal Code which would negatively impact Christians

Malaysia’s new government concerns Christians, minorities.

PM Muhyiddin Yassin, a Malay nationalist, present new challenges to the Christians and minority groups in the country.