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Tax-funded Swedish state TV refuses to help police identify migrants who rob pensioners

Two migrants recently stole a 90-year-old woman’s credit card and then managed to withdraw €1,900 from it. The police published images of the perpetrators and asked the public to help identify the men. The images were completely uncensored and the men’s faces were clearly visible. According to the police, about 10 similar cases have occurred in different regions of the country. The approach is the same – the robbers target elderly people.


“If you recognize the people in the video, contact the police at 114 14”, explicitly writes on their website.
And what does Swedish state TV (SVT) do when they write about the police alert?

They pixelate and censor the images and refuse to help the police.

SVT writes in their article that it would be unethical, and a violation of their “code of ethics” to publish images of people who are not convicted, even if the image is already on the police’s website.

Furthermore, SVT claims that they do not want to be “an active part” of the search, and do not consider the robberies to have “a large public interest” because the perpetrators are not considered “to constitute a direct and blatant danger”.

In other words, tax-funded SVT chooses not to use its large media platform, which is funded by Swedish taxpayers, to help the police and the 90-year-old woman find the perpetrators.

Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte rages against SVT’s actions. 
“When you see things like this, you have to wonder whether SVT is on the victims’, or the criminals’ side. This is completely incomprehensible. It is so embarrassing that I can’t find words.” he writes.

For our readers in Sweden, who would like to help the police, here is the uncensored version:




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