Tag: Violence

Sudanese Christians are at peril amid civil war

Nearly 180,000 IDPs have tried to flee the violence.

11 children among 29 killed by stampede at Liberian worship crusade

Gang violence is unfortunately commonplace in the Liberian streets.

Christian flee violence in Burkina Faso

At least sixty Christians have been killed because of their faith in Burkina Faso since January.

“A life of risk”: Open Doors partner on serving the persecuted church in India

Rajesh is an Open Doors partner in India. Even before the pandemic, his role and calling involved a great deal of risk.

Churches burned, people beheaded in Mozambique’s escalating extremist violence

“The world has no idea yet what is happening because of indifference.”

UN encourages Iraq to address domestic abuse

"There has been a significant increase in social media reports of domestic violence."

Excessive power of volunteer defense forces in Burkina Faso backfires

Volunteer armed forces have been established nominally against jihadism, however they can be used for unlawful purposes.

WCC calls for end to violence after attacks around the world

The World Council of Churches has condemned several attacks across the world in the first week of the Christmas Season.

Sexual violence used as a means of power and control against Christian women

Minority Christian women and girls sexually attacked or even killed – all with impunity