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Saint John Paul II was shot 43 years ago

The aftermath of the shooting witnessed an outpouring of prayers and support from people of all faiths and backgrounds worldwide.

A church was smeared with anti-Christian graffiti in Rome

Reports indicate a surge in vandalism across the Italian capital.

The Pope strongly spoke out against anti-Semitism

"The Church rejects all forms of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism," declared Pope Francis.

Pope Francis announced that he is not resigning

Pope Francis talked about how, despite his health problems, he never considered resigning.

Pope Francis: Bethlehem reminds us of the children suffering in the Holy Land

The children, who pay the heaviest price for war said Pope Francis in Saint Peter's Square.

The Hungarian and Italian governments plan cooperation to help persecuted Christians

Tristan Azbej presented the Hungary Helps program's African results to representatives of the Vatican.

A statue of Saint John Paul II was vandalised in Poland

"The surveillance footage has been secured," the police assured.

One in seven Christians is persecuted across the world

Violence and repressive measures targeting Christians have increased in recent years.

The logo and the motto of Pope Francis’ Hungarian visit

The Pontiff will visit Budapest between the 28th and the 30th of April.

Vatican seminarians to play football against French team

A French team will be in Rome for a pilgrimage to meet the Pope and try their luck against a group of seminarians.