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82% of Americans say religious freedom is key to "healthy American society"

Half of the respondents say churches and faith-based organisations shouldn't be required to hire people who oppose their beliefs

Massachusetts governor vetoes extreme pro-abortion bill the day after Christmas

Charlie Baker, the pro-choice Republican governor of Massachusetts vetoed the bill.

Video: American Senator defends Amy Coney Barrett

Senator Josh Hawley defends Amy Coney Barrett, who is criticised by the Democrats for being "too much Catholic".

Most American Conservatives keep their views private due to "political climate"

Overall, 62 per cent of Americans say they self-censor due to the political climate.

Republican politician billed $4,700 for olive oil poured on Capitol steps

Matt Shea's act was part of a Christian group’s response to a Satanist demonstration that took place earlier around the building.

USA: Democrats block bill protecting babies born alive from botched abortions

Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called both bills voted on Tuesday in the Senate "extreme" and "dishonest".