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Publishers encourage people to support Christian bookshops to save them

Christian bookshops are facing survival problems due to the lockdown as people buy from bigger chains

Christians in Bangladesh, Pakistan ease people’s hardship

The Catholic Church in Bangladesh has launched a special fund to help victims of Covid-19 lockdown.

Sustaining India’s persecuted pastors

“Sitting in jail, I could only think of one thing. That was whether or not my wife and children had any food to eat.”

Spanish mayors thanks Church for ministry during coronavirus pandemic

He expressed gratitude "for quiet and heroic labor and for support for the most vulnerable, and dedication to the sick".

Poor Indian Christians help Covid-19 relief fund

Despite fighting poverty themselves, Kandhamal faithful become role models for the privileged in helping others

Indian prime minister thanks Christian health body’s support to tackle Covid-19

PM Mr. Narendra Modi personally talked to Fr Mathew Abraham, President of Christian Coalition for Health through conference call.

Saudi governor shows example of the Mother of Jesus to overcome the coronavirus

Asīr governor is urging people to learn from Mary's perseverance. Trust in God, strength to survive and courage in difficult times

Kasur (Punjab), Muslim activist helps discriminated Christians in need

Without the help of Shakeel Ahmed, a Muslim human rights activist, 120 Christian families in the district of Punjab) would starve