Tag: Police injustice on Christians

Police threaten to arrest Christian preacher in London

A video has gone viral in which a Metropolitan Police officer is seen threatening to arrest a street preacher

Police officer tells Christian singer she is not allowed to sing religious songs

A Metropolitan Police special constable stopped a gospel singer and told her she was not allowed to sing church songs

Police apologise to arrested pro-life volunteer

Police have confirmed that no charges will be brought against a pro-life volunteer

Church elder charged with “subverting state power” in China

Several of of Guiyang Renai Reformed Church were detained and taken by authorities to the local police station.

London street preacher wins legal challenge

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre Sutcliffe expressed his joy to have been vindicated by the court.

Court rules in favor of employee fired over deeply held beliefs

The case can still be appealed and is waiting for a final decision from the Court of Appeal.

Police crackdown on worship services in India

Many radical Hindu nationalists view all religious conversions to non-Hindu faiths as fraudulent.

Pastor flees home after "merciless tortures" by police in India

Attacks on Christians have been on the rise since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party won the 2014 national elections.

Churchgoers fined nearly $75.000 for Sunday worship in Nova Scotia

Testing is soaring and so cases are up; Walmart and Costco are packed, but going to church is a punishable offense.

Christians confined in their house by police in India

The ethnic Korwa villagers have officially ostracised the family.