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A new church built in West Papua brings hope to communities

Despite long delays and obstacles, a new Catholic church dedicated to Saint Joseph has been built in Papua

Bishop calls out human rights violations in Papua

69 civilian deaths and 135 injuries were reported. 

Two hundred priests call for peace in Indonesia’s Papua region

Over 60,000 Papuans have been displaced since the dawn of the violence.

Violence escalating in Papua, Indonesia

Tension increases in the Indonesian province of Papua, in eastern Indonesia, plagued by separatist turmoil.

Nephews of martyred Papuan pastor allegedly killed by the military

The brothers were the nephews of a sixty-seven-year-old Papuan pastor, brutally murdered by a military man last September.

Catholic seminarian was killed in Papua on Christmas Eve

On the evening of the 24th of December, the lifeless body of Zhage Sil, a Catholic seminarian, was found in Papua.

Indonesian churches urge Jakarta to stop violence in Papua

Many Papuans express their resentment for being part of Indonesia.

Indonesian bishops condemn the killing of a Catholic man in Papua

Following the killing of the man, Catholic bishops met with government officials to express their concern.

Two thousand Bibles were delivered to a Papuan tribe

The Papuan tribe joyfully welcomed the plane that brought extra copies of the Bible in their own language.

Regional tensions lead to the murder of a pastor in West Papua

Rev. Yeremia Zanambani was known across Indonesia for his servant’s heart and translating the Bible into Papua’s Moni dialect.