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Nigerian journalist to stand trial after reporting on Christian persecution

The trial represents an attempt to silence journalists who speak out about attacks on Christians in Nigeria.

Journalist charged after reporting on attacks against Christians in Nigeria

Prolonged detention could have an impact on Binniyat’s physical health.

Canadian journalist links ongoing church arsons in Canada with BLM

Dozens of churches in Canada have been either burned down or vandalised in the last weeks.

French defender of Christians Daniel Hamiche dies

Daniel Hamiche had visited the hospital several times over the last months and his relatives knew he might die soon.

French journalist faces harassment for criticising Islam

Eric Zemmour's biggest alleged "crime" is to ignore political correctness when talking about minority groups such as Muslims.

Christian journalist harassed by Cuban domestic intelligence

Yoe Suárez reported on human rights issues for non-state media outlets.


3 years for statements that hurt feelings