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A provocative Nativity scene was displayed in Italy

The scene has prompted mixed reactions from Catholic prelates around the world.

Statues of Mary and Joseph beheaded in Belgium

The act of vandalism took place in broad daylight, in the afternoon.

Holy Mary figurine destroyed in southern Poland

“The chapel wasn’t touched even by German Nazis during the war,” says a member of local authorities.

A century-old chapel vandalised in Poland

It is not the first time that a statue of the Virgin Mary has been destroyed in Otwock. 

The series of anti-Catholic acts continues in Western Europe

France remains the European country in which the rise of anti-Christian vandalism is the most significant.

A statue of the Virgin Mary decapitated in France

The statue was erected after the Second World War, in 1950.

Pastoral activity will resume in Fatima

The Fatima sanctuary was opened last Tuesday after a period of restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Life comes back to normal but restrictions against Catholics are escalating

The dissolution of a famous pilgrimage in Poland raises questions about freedom of religion in this Catholic country.

The faithful can return to the Shrine of Fatima

The Shrine of Fatima has been closed since the 14th of March for sanitary reasons related to the pandemic.

A statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised in Algeria

The statue at the cave of Our Lady of Santa Cruz d'Oran, was overturned and its stone base damaged.