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Nicaragua arrested two Catholic priests amid rising tensions

Over the past few years, Ortega’s administration has increasingly targeted members of the Catholic Church

A clergyman opposing the Nigerian government was killed by militants

On election day, four Christians were killed by Fulani militants in Benue State.

Three Christians were killed by government forces in Ethiopia

The Holy Synod called the actions of the regional forces “public murder.”

The ECHR condemned Bulgaria for violating religious freedom of Evangelicals

A recent government campaign referred to Protestants as a "sect".

India denies the persecution of Christians

Prime Minister Modi, a lifetime member of the fascist Hindutva group RSS, has done little to address the problem in his country.

Croatian NGOs criticise move to allocate funds for persecuted Christians

Some NGOs consider that humanitarian aid must not be granted "on a discriminatory basis."

Zimbabwe: The government forces newly graduated doctors to join the army

"They bring bloodshed; they kill. Instead of freedom, they bring prison. They bring violence and imprison those who oppose them".

Ireland spent over three million dollars on chemical abortions in 2019 alone

The number of abortions in Ireland has increased by nearly 150% since its new legalisation on the 1st of January 2019.

Nigerian Government refutes claims about "Christian genocide"

U.S. State Department added Nigeria to its “special watch list” of countries engaging in “severe violations of religious freedom."

President Buhari blames victims of recent attack in Kaduna

With the president’s statement, people are going to be less likely to trust the government and that it is trying to protect them.