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At least eghteen people died in battle with Congo Terror Group

According to Africa News, at least eighteen people were killed in the DR Congo last week during fighting between the army and ADF.

At least ten Killed in the DRC during overnight attack

Islamic extremists are suspected to be behind an attack that killed at least 10 people last night in the DRC.

Mission in DRC attacked by jihadists

The attack was reportedly carried out by members of the Allied Democratic Forces.

Alleged jihadists murdered Congolese Imam who condemned radical Islamism

Sheikh Ali Amin was murdered allegedly by jihadists on the 1st of May after he condemned jihadism.

ISIS reorganising itself in the middle-African Christian countries

After the jihadists suffered losses in Iraq and Syria, it reorganised itself in Central-Africa – wrote Newsmax.

Videoconference by the Foundation for Africa regarding the Hungary Helps Program

France Mutombo and Peter Kovács-Pifka talked about the co-operation.

Magistrate investigating the murder of the Ambassador of Italy also murdered

The magistrate in charge of the investigation into the murder of the Italian Ambassador to Kinshasa has been killed.

Ten civilians murdered in two raids in DRC

The DRC army confirmed the death of ten civilians during two overnight raids in eastern DRC last week.

Congo remembers Christian martyrs, killed twenty-nine years ago

"Another "February 16" is needed, because "we must continue the struggle for the liberation of our country, until the victory."

Hungary launched relief work to help orphanage in Congo

Already more than three hundred Hungarian schools joined the program.