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The Amsterdam diocese is to close 60% of all its churches within 5 years

Church attendance among Dutch Catholics has fallen from 80% in the 1950s to only 3%, leading to large numbers of church closusures

More Catholics urges Philippine authorities to allow churches to reopen

Decision-makers should also consider the opening of the churches and its services "important"

The Church in Cambodia is growing as it leaves its scarred past behind

Thirty years ago, a devastated Church experienced a rebirth in a country where most of the population is Buddhist.

Survival of Christians in Iraq still unstable

"Thanks to the help from Western countries, there are still Christians in Iraq," Fr Jens Petzold told ACN.

Go to Mass for someone who can't

#Go2Mass for a suffering Christian, says Aid to the Church in Need.

Marc Fromager: Persecuted people who come to Europe will never return

Orban and Fromager discussed persecution of Christians and protection of Europe’s traditional values