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“After-birth abortion” or how to justify the killing of newborns

Two Australian bioethicists have become famous for trivializing infanticide.

British parliament rejects abortion on demand

The numerous e-mails sent to the parlament forced it to step back on this controvertial initiative

New poll shows Americans reject abortion on demand

Only about one-fourth of voters would like a candidate who "supports unlimited abortion up until the moment of birth"

Xavier Becerra denies existence of law banning partial-birth abortion

Becerra argued that while the term partial-birth abortion is "recognised in politics, it is not a medically recognised term."

"Psychosocial suffering" will allow abortion up to the ninth month in France

The second reading of the Bioethics Act began today in a special committee of the French Senate.

Massachusetts allowed late-term abortion while removing parental consent

The amendment was crafted after efforts to pass a standalone bill liberalising the state’s abortion laws failed to gain traction.