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Two Christian aid workers killed in Congo attack

Tearfund, a Christian development charity, is grieving over the loss of two aid workers, who were killed while travelling in a convoy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Tearfund is a non-political aid organisation devoted to providing humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable groups within the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They urge authorities to implement laws that protect aid workers and ensure their safety as they perform critical humanitarian work.

Following the brutal attack on Sunday the 30th June, they posted a statement on their social media page, condemning the ongoing violence: “Our priority now is to offer our full support to the families of our colleagues who have lost their lives in this senseless act of violence. We are also coordinating closely with local authorities to enhance the security measures for our remaining staff in the region. Tearfund unequivocally condemns this horrific attack on humanitarian aid staff who were working selflessly to serve the people of the DRC.”

North Kivu – a major commercial province in the east of the country – has been supressed since 2021 by constant hostility and violence between the Congolese armed force and the M23 rebel group, causing a major humanitarian crisis in the area.

The UN Joint Human Rights Office expressed their concerns regarding the displacement of civilians and the major risks humanitarian organisations have to face due to the military fights. With Islamic militant violence growing in sub-Saharan Africa, anti-Christian persecution and attacks are constant in the region. Although a large percentage of the population are Christian, the Islamic extremist group ADF is responsible for brutal attacks on churches and believers in the east of the country. Christian leaders who advocate against corruption risk harassment and interference from the government.


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