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Eight Christians beaten when returning home from church

A Hindu mob started harassing the pastor and his congregation as they were leaving the church.

Other members of the village joined in the attack and started beating the Christians with sticks and clubs. Some of the attacked suffered serious injuries and had to be hospitalised. The pastor, who endured wounds to his chest and head, remained in critical condition for a while. Despite the heinous attack, he wishes to return to his duties and provide comfort and leadership to his flock.

According to a local Christian: “The persecution has increased after the new Government formed in the state. The Christian community has been going through psychological trauma, as both radical Hindu nationalists and the successful administration of the state target the Christian minorities.”

Attacks and persecution against the church in India are at the highest levels, according to recent reports. In 2023 alone, there have been 720 reported attacks against Christians. Incidents seem to be justified and encouraged through anti-conversion laws that are established in many parts of India. Government officials turn a blind eye to these attacks. They are often involved in acts of persecution against the church. 


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