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Church in Lebanon supporting displaced people

Thousands of people found themselves in the crossfire between Hamas and Israeli forces. Now, they are leaving their old lives behind, fleeing for their lives and trying to build their future. Many of them do so with the help of the Church.

With the increased intensity of the fighting in the south of Lebanon – between Hamas and Israeli forces – thousands of people are forced to leave their homes to save their lives.

The Lebanese Church is concerned about the further escalation of the war. Father Michel Abboud, president of Caritas Lebanon, said that this situation,

“will continue to have dramatic consequences for the nation, already reeling from an unprecedented socio-economic crisis”

In most cases, people fleeing from the South left almost everything behind and tried to build their lives from nothing. With the help of bishops and other religious authorities, Caritas Lebanon managed to build reception centres and support the people. With this help, at least the basic necessities are provided for those displaced.

The Church provides spiritual as well as material help to the people. It assists the people traumatized by the bombings and the horrors of the fighting.

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Béchara Boutros al-Rahi visited the fighting-torn South. Many people are not able to leave their homes and are stuck there. The Patriarch assured the ones who remained there that the Church is with them and that they are not alone.

Source: Vatican News

Photo: AFP

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