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Christian preacher feared missing is fine

Defend Christ Critique Islam Ministries (DCCI) provided an update on evangelist Hatun Tash, following concerns about her whereabouts.

DCCI Ministries shared an update confirming that Christian preacher Hatun Tash has been in touch by email “saying that she is fine.”

However, the Ministries expressed their concerns and disappointment on how the police handled the missing person’s investigation. In response, the Metropolitan Police claimed that a proper enquiry had been carried out. According to their spokesperson: “In recent weeks, concerns have been raised online about the safety of Hatun Tash. While there was no specific information to suggest she had come to harm, given the number of people who were worried about her safety, a missing persons investigation was launched. Based on the information established as part of that investigation, Hatun is no longer being treated as a missing person. We understand that those who are worried about her will want to know more details to satisfy their own concerns, but it would not be appropriate for us to go into the details of either the investigation or any specific communication officers have had as part of it.”

Hatun Tash, a Christian evangelist, often engages with Muslims at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park. She had been attacked several times in the past few years. A dangerous extremist, Edward Little – who plotted to kill her last year – was sentenced to 16 years in prison earlier this month. Another attacker, who slit Hatun’s face open with a knife, has never been caught. 


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