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Christian father beaten by his son in Vietnam

Huu Dat - whose name has been changed for security purposes - converted to Christianity this July, along with his wife and four out of six children.

Huu’s oldest son became extremely hostile when he found out about the conversion. He considered this as an act of treason, as his family had given up their tribal traditions and ancestral legacy. He gave them an ultimatum, requesting them to denounce their Christian faith. When they refused, he became violent. 

In late October, Huu was attacked and repeatedly beaten with a wooden rod, leaving him with broken ribs and a deep laceration on his face. According to the local pastor, he is receiving medical treatment, and, despite the terrible trauma, he persists in his Christian faith. Huu had to return to the medical centre on several occasions, as he was struggling with chronic pain. The doctors discovered that he had suffered further bone fractures and needed excessive treatment. 

Even though Huu’s family filed a report with the local authorities, they refused to deal with it, claiming that it is a family matter. Vietnam has an oppressive Communist government, which is extremely antagonistic to Christians, despite the fact that practicing Christian faith is legal.

Newly converted Christians are often expelled from their homes and villages, especially in tribal areas. Even though the government recognizes the Evangelical Church of Vietnam, churches similar to the Assemblies of God, and other denominations, are required to report their activities and teachings. Authorities frown upon any evangelizing beyond church walls or any attempt to run Christian community events. Within rural and tribal areas, Christians are often excluded from social services, education and other utilities.


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