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Season 4 of ‘The Chosen’ faces ‘attacks from the enemy’

Dallas Jenkins, the creator of the series expressed his concerns regarding the increasing spiritual attacks on the production: "I think we’ve noticed that as the show has grown, so has the difficulty in the challenged attacks from the enemy. And so during Season 4 it seemed like we just couldn’t ever escape."

The wildly popular series based on the life of Jesus Christ was facing many obstacles, from anti-Christian attacks to the actors’ strike that threatened to halt the filming of Season 4. Fortunately, the show was granted a waiver and filming resumed.

In 2017, the series became the most successful crowdfunded film project in history, raising over $11 million from more than 16,000 investors. The series has 10 million followers across social media. The creators originally released the first episodes on a free streaming app, and as demand grew, they added cinema showings as well. The beginning of Season 3 grossed $8.75 million on its opening weekend in USA cinemas, premiering at No. 3  in the box office.

Following the successful The Chosen Insiders Conference in Dallas with 3,500 attendees on the 18th of October, Mr Jenkins said: “It was overwhelming and beautiful to see over three thousand people in one room cheering and laughing and celebrating our show. But even better were the countless stories of impact viewers were able to tell us personally”. 

Nick Shakour, the actor who plays the father of two of Jesus’ disciples, shared how the role had led him to have an encounter with God, which transformed his life.

72-year-old Thomas Mathew Rodre, from New Jersey, said that “Jesus was using” ‘The Chosen’ to “bring the good news to millions of people worldwide”. Mr Rodre became a Christian by watching the show.

At the conference, creator Mr Jenkins announced that Season 4 will be released exclusively in cinemas, starting in February 2024, before being released on streaming platforms.  


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