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The number of anti-Semitic incidents and crimes has increased in France

Paris antisemitism

Since last Saturday, more than a dozen people have been arrested in France for anti-Semitic hate crimes," reported the M1 news channel on its Sunday program, citing the French Ministry of the Interior.

Legal proceedings have been initiated against 700 individuals for glorifying the terrorist actions of Hamas. France is currently under the highest level of terrorism alert following an Islamist attack on a high school last Friday, where a teacher was fatally stabbed, and two others were injured. The French Interior Minister stated that this attack was related to Hamas’s assault on Israel.

Video footage showed a crowd chanting, “Israel is a killer, Macron is its accomplice” at a Saturday protest in central Paris, where protesters demanded a free Palestine. Some carried signs calling for the Israeli territories to be handed over to Palestinians from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, leading to the removal of one woman by the police.

French police were deployed in large numbers with riot gear to the protest site, resulting in the arrest of nine people and the issuance of 260 fines. Like other pro-Palestinian protests, this gathering was banned by the French government.

The Parisian authorities fear that the conflict between the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and Israel could spill over to France. Their concerns are not unfounded, as official reports indicate a rise in anti-Semitic attacks in France since Hamas’s terrorist activities began. Nearly 200 such incidents were recorded within a week, and 2,500 posts promoting hatred towards Jews or supporting terrorism were reported on social media.

The program cited the French Interior Minister, who stated that since last Saturday, 65 individuals have been detained in France in connection with anti-Semitic crimes, with 23 of them being foreign nationals.

“I have instructed all prefects of the Republic to systematically downgrade and withdraw the residence permits of these foreigners,” quoted the news report Gérald Darmanin, the Interior Minister.

The Minister of the Interior confirmed that there is undoubtedly a connection between Hamas’s attack on Israel and the school stabbing incident that occurred on Friday.

It was mentioned that France is currently under the highest level of terrorism alert, leading to increased security measures at the Rugby World Cup venue in the country a synagogues, as well.

Within a day, bomb threats led to the evacuation of the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre Museum, and the Gare de Lyon railway station. However, it was revealed in the program that these threats turned out to be false in all three cases.

Source: MTI

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