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Christians tortured and killed in North Korea

A report issued in 2022 by The International Bar Association and The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea said that Christians are particularly targeted and exposed to torture in North Korean prisons.

North Korea is the most brutal places to be a Christian, according to Open Doors UK. Authorities send anyone suspected to labour camps as political prisoners, where they are often killed right away. Their families are also abused, imprisoned or murdered. Christians have absolutely no freedom: they take an enormous risk by gathering in secret. Owning a Bible is a serious crime and will be gravely punished.

There’s an estimated 400,000 Christians in North Korea, which is less than 2% of the country’s total population of 26 million people.

In this patriarchal society the government severely regulates where men can work. They must verify their attendance and are not allowed to miss work for any personal reason, which makes it harder for them to escape. All young men are conscripted from the age of 17 and the process can expose any familial connection to Christianity. These men are denied party membership and given the lowest positions in universities and workplaces. Christian men, who are imprisoned in labour camps, are subject to some of the worst forms of torture to force them to incriminate others during interrogation.

Women who try to escape North Korea are at risk of forced rehabilitation, severe interrogation and trafficking. The authorities target Christian women and girls for sexual abuse in a deliberate attempt to undermine the biblical approach to sexual purity. Raped and pregnant Christian women can also face forced abortions by the authorities who want to prevent the North Korean bloodline from being “defiled”.



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