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The Holy Father sensed the love pouring towards from Hungary

Pope Francis

The visit of Pope Francis will leave a mark in the souls, we have prepared for the reception of the Holy Father and his three-day visit, which can give a huge impetus to the Hungarian Catholic community, and to the cause of peace in Hungary - said Cardinal Péter Erdő to the Magyar Nemzet.

The visit of Pope Francis will leave a trace in the souls, and we are prepared for the reception and three-day visit of the Holy Father, which can give a huge boost to the Hungarian Catholic community and Hungary’s cause of peace – said Cardinal Péter Erdő to Magyar Nemzet.

“We have worked out the program in detail, and I think we are also well prepared spiritually. When it was officially announced when the Holy Father would arrive, the bishop’s council accepted a prayer text. Since then, we have been saying this prayer together after every Mass throughout the country. Moreover, our brethren beyond the border also pray with us. Interestingly, in some places, they adapted the text to local conditions” said the cardinal.

Erdő pointed out that for believers, every papal visit somehow represents Christ. The pope represents him in a very special way, and people feel it. In fact, the world thirsts for Christ, and this is an occasion when He is palpably present. The pope always symbolizes the universal Church, the only one, which is also a strong reinforcement of our faith, not only theoretically but also emotionally.

The positive radiance of the church is certainly strengthened around it. The Sunday papal Mass is attended by representatives of sister churches, other religions, and social organizations, while the Pázmány Péter Catholic University welcomes distinguished personalities from the scientific world. Everyone accepts the invitation with pleasure and comes with interest.

The Holy Father decided on this visit well before the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, so this is not the main topic of the current meeting. But this is a circumstance that seriously qualifies, and even somewhat overshadows this period. The reception of refugees is an important issue; nearly one and a half million Ukrainian people have arrived in Hungary, and their care is a tough task even if most of them continue their journey to Western Europe. Still, many have remained who need to be placed, helped, even fed, and their children’s schooling needs to be continuously resolved.

The Holy Father’s personal interest turns towards the severely disadvantaged, and he also meets with the homeless. Similarly, the fact that Hungary is somewhat on the eastern edge of the Western cultural sphere may also provide a topic of conversation. Hungary has a bridging role, as evidenced by the view of Budapest and the emblem of the current papal visit. Eastern Christianity is also present in Hungary; Pope Francis’ short visit to the Greek Catholic Church recognizes this fact. In addition, in ecumenical relations, it is important to have the opportunity for dialogue with the Protestant world, Orthodoxy, and other denominations and religions in Budapest.

Source: Magyar Nemzet

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