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Legal proceedings were opened against an anti-Catholic campaign in Spain

"If you abort now, what are we going to f**k in 5 or 6 years?" This is what was depicted in the posters that appeared in March in several bus shelters in San Sebastián, Spain.


Apart from the hateful sentence that attacks religious feelings and discriminates Catholics, the posters included the image of an unborn child and the logo of the Spanish Episcopal Conference. The Organisation “Abogados Cristianos” filed a complaint regarding the events and now the courts have asked the Ertaintza (Basque Police) to investigate the authorship of the posters.

Following a complaint by Abogados Cristianos (Christian Lawyers), the Court of Instruction No. 1 of San Sebastian ordered the beginning of proceedings for the demeaning poster that appeared on city bus shelters. The court ordered the Ertzaintza to conduct an investigation on who made the poster and whether the bus shelters owner was aware of its content.

Abogados Cristianos denounces that the perpetrators could have committed a hate crime (art. 510 Spanish Criminal Code), a crime against religious feelings (art. 525.1 Spanish Criminal Code) and a crime of usurpation of civil status (art. 401 Spanish Criminal Code).

Polonia Castellanos, president of Abogados Cristianos, recalled that “there have already been convictions for calling paedophiles the practitioners of another religion. Against Catholics it seems that everything is allowed. Justice cannot let such a barbarity go unpunished”.

“[We] Christians are tired of the continuous attacks by the same groups”. “We only ask for the same respect that is shown to the rest of the citizens”. “It is intolerable that they appeal to freedom of expression to insult and humiliate Christians and offend our beliefs,” she added.


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