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The ECHR condemned Bulgaria for violating religious freedom of Evangelicals

The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Bulgaria for a 2008 governmental campaign to warn children and families away from Protestant churches.


This came after in 2021, Pastor Tonchev and Pastor Kiryakov in Burgas, challenged the government’s campaign that labelled Protestant Christians as “sects”and told children at schools that they should not attend such churches.

In 2021 Pastor Tochev and Pastor Kiryakov in Burgas, challenged at the ECHR the local government’s campaign to label Protestant Christian groups as sects and turn children against them at school.

In 2008 the City council of Burgas together with the police, sent a letter to all school administrators in the city, where they accused Evangelical Christians of “carrying out a massive campaign of agitation,” “tricking new members,” and “disuniting the Bulgarian nation.”


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