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Hungary and Armenia restore their diplomatic relationship

Hungary and Armenia agreed to restore their diplomatic relationship – according to Péter Szijjártó, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, on Monday in a Facebook post. It is a crucial moment for Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for the aid of persecuted Christians, who is a Hungarian with Armenian roots.

The diplomatic relationship between the two nations was restored after ten years.

Péter Szijjártó shared a post on Facebook according to which he had a diplomatic conversation with Armenian foreign affairs Minister Ararat Mirzojan. Szijjártó recalled that the diplomatic relations between the two nations had been interrupted more than ten years ago.

“However, after numerous mutual diplomatic gestures, today we agreed with my Armenian Minister colleague about restoring our diplomatic relationship. This is the right decision between two Christian nations,” Szijjártó writes in the post.

He added that the next step would be nominating the two ambassadors. He also mentioned that the Armenian minority in Hungary has an important mediatory role between the two countries.

Hungary and the oldest Christian nation belong to each other

State Secretary Tristan Azbej expressed his gratitude on his Facebook page for having the opportunity to contribute to this diplomatic success with the Hungary Helps Program. He highlighted that Hungary and the oldest Christian nation belong to each other.

He highlighted that, as a Hungarian with Armenian roots, he is especially happy for the restoration of the excellent relationship.

Photo: Facebook/ Péter Szijjártó

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