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A Christian convert was sentenced to death for “apostasy” in Libya

Libyan Christians urge us to pray for a convert to Christianity sentenced to death by an appeals court in a city in western Libya.


The young man, who accepted Jesus about four years ago, was arrested by militias and detained several times during the past few years. They have tried to force him to recant his faith, but he has refused. Due to the lack of rule of law and official law enforcement agencies in Libya, militias act as police, intelligence agency and army.

Libya has no law against apostasy, which means converts are usually tried for treason. However, this court based its decision on a law enacted by the General National Congress, the elected legislative body between 2012 and 2014. Under that law an apostate from Islam must be executed if they do not recant.

All the laws enacted by the General National Congress were cancelled by the current Tobruk-based parliament, elected in 2014. However, as part of some continuing power struggle between the administrations based in Tripoli and Tobruk, the Supreme Court in Tripoli has declared the Tobruk-based parliament illegal. This allows courts freedom to chose to still apply the cancelled laws.

The convert was required to publish the verdict in a local newspaper and on a local radio station, as well as display it outside his residence and the court. 


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