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A Hindu family is suspected of having murdered a Christian father


In West Bengal state’s Gobindapur village, Jhargram District, Hindu relatives of Madhab Gorai had threatened to burn him to death and feared his faith jeopardized his daughter’s impending marriage, according to a local source quoted by the Christian Post.


The next day, when church members asked family members about Gorai’s death, the relatives said he had eaten dinner and died peacefully in his sleep. The family had cremated Gorai’s body that morning (Aug. 8) according to Hindu ritual, but none of the church members had been informed about it, Hansda said.

Hansda said he questioned several of Gorai’s neighbors about his death.

“All of them told me that there was tension in Madhab’s family related to his Christian faith, and they heard the arguments the family had,” he told Morning Star News. “One person also told me that Madhab was sitting and chatting with him until 6:30 in the evening, and he was absolutely fine.”

Christian leaders, eyewitnesses to the threats and several acquaintances in the area suspect Gorai’s family members killed him to avoid jeopardizing his daughter’s marriage.

Source: morningstarnews.org

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