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South Korea rejects asylum claims of Christians who fled China

A Christian congregation that fled to South Korea from China has now traveled to Thailand to appeal for asylum due to continued persecution from Chinese officials.


The Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church members have given up on seeking asylum in South Korea after their claims were denied multiple times since congregation members fled the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen between late 2019 and early 2020.

According to a statement published Monday in The Wall Street Journal by Pan Yongguange, the church’s pastor, nearly 60 members were scheduled to visit the U.N. refugee office in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, to submit applications for refugee status.

Members of the congregation entered Thailand with their Chinese passports and appealed directly to the U.N. refugee agency. Some received tourist visas that are valid for 15 days, while others sought extensions on visas that were set to expire on Monday.


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