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A Pakistani Christian has been sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy

A Christian bicycle mechanic in Lahore, Pakistan was sentenced to death last week on baseless charges of blasphemy, his lawyer said.


Attorney Riaz Anjum said that in 2017 Muhammad Irfan had asked Ashfaq Masih not to charge him for a bicycle repair because he was a devotee of Muslim Sufis and saints.

“Masih rejected his request, saying he only followed Jesus and wasn’t interested in Irfan’s religious status as a Muslim,” Anjum told Morning Star News.

Police subsequently arrested the 36-year-old Pentecostal from Lahore’s Green Town area, accusing him of disrespecting Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, by allegedly saying that Christ was the only “true prophet.”

Masih has testified that he was framed on false charges by the complainant in the case, Muhammad Ashfaq, who is the landlord of his shop, and Muhammad Naveed, who runs a nearby bicycle and motorbike repair shop. Masih told the court that Naveed was jealous of his success, twice had tried to pick fights with him over clients and nurtured a grudge, the lawyer said.


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