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Fulani herdsmen killed 142 people in Central Nigeria

On April 10, armed groups of radicalized Muslim Fulani herdsmen simultaneously attacked an estimated ten villages in Nigeria’s central Plateau state.


One hundred forty-two people were killed in the attacks, with an estimated 3,000 now displaced from their homes due to the violence. Of the nearly 70 people abducted, most were women and girls.

Survivors of the attacks stated that the militants arrived in large numbers riding on motorcycles just as people were preparing their farmlands for the rainy season. In addition to killing and abducting villagers, they burned down at least 100 homes, destroyed farmlands, looted barns, and stole livestock.

The extremists who perpetrated the attacks were described as riding three to a motorbike, consistent with descriptions of past Fulani attacks. Survivors of Fulani attacks in 2017 and 2019 described the militants riding on motorcycles carrying three people, one of whom drove as the other two would shoot towards the left and the right, respectively.


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