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Hindu nationalists targeted Christian communities during Easter in India

While Christians in India were celebrating Easter Sunday, incidents of physical violence and disruption of Easter services devastated Christian communities.


In the East Indian state of Odisha, a mob of 100 radical Hindu nationalists brutally beat three Christian families. The houses of these Christians were ransacked and desecrated. In neighboring Chhattisgarh state, a Christian’s body was kept unburied for three days by the radical Hindu nationalists, claiming that the body would defile the land.

According to the local Odisha Pastor, a mob of nearly 100 radical Hindu nationalists burst into a Christian home in Markapalli village where Easter service was in progress. The mob beat the congregation with sticks, injuring several Christians including women and children. The mob harassed them for more than an hour before police arrived at the scene.

While the church was being attacked, another group went and damaged the three houses belonging to the believers. By the time police reached the houses, they had been ransacked. The food reserves that they had secured through the year were stolen or rendered useless.


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