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Three Christians arrested following attack by Hindu nationalists


Earlier this month, a mob of Hindu nationalists assembled outside the house of a local Christian Pastor in Shyampura village, Madhya Pradesh. Over a hundred radical Hindu nationalists bursted into the house where six Christians were praying.


The mob ransacked the house and attacked the Christians, before ultimately handing them over to the police. All six Christians were charged with conversion charges, and three were sent to jail.

Prior to the arrests, the mob threatened the Christians with dire consequences if they don’t stop the prayers. After an hour of harassment, the meeting was called off.

Three of the Christians fled the house, fearing further abuse. The mob then went to the police station and organized a sit-in protest, demanding that the police file First Information Report against the 6 Christians.

The police agreed to arrest the Christians after the mob claimed that they used derogative language against Hindu gods and goddesses.


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