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Four Christians killed by terrorists in the DRC


Four travelers were killed Thursday evening while driving in Karuruma, Eastern DRC after their vehicle was barricaded by Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists.


Among the four civilians killed was Sylvia Kombi, a staff member of the Anglican Church of Congo, hailed for her service in providing trauma counseling to the terror-stricken region.

The South Rwenzori Diocese of Uganda eulogised Kombi as a “dedicated psychologist who offered immense trauma counseling to the persecuted believers in the diocese.” The head of the Missions arm of the diocese said,

Transport between the border town of Kasindi and Butembo has been halted, due to the various attacks on villages and hospitals that lie next to the vast Virunga Forest, where the ADF insurgents are believed to have several hideout camps. Local transporters are pleading with security agents to employ a convoy system where vehicles are given a police escort while travelling.


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