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The war on Christianity has been lasting for decades in Nigeria

Nigeria remains among the worst persecutor of Christians in the whole world. The enforcing of sharia law by the Muslim north represents a genuine danger of a resurgence in the country's civil war that shook the country in the years 1967-1970.


In February 2000, there were protests from Christians living in the city of Kaduna. Protestants were attacked by Muslim militants. In a short time, the riots swept the entire city. About 400 people died during the week, most of them Christians. 

The bloody incidents in Kaduna repeated two years later. In November 2002, Islamists attacked local Christians under the pretext of an article that appeared in one of the Nigerian newspapers on the occasion of the Miss World competition organized in Nigeria.

The newspaper wrote on this occasion, which caused Muslims to insult that “the Prophet Muhammad was sure to have married one of the contestants.” Muslims directed their anger primarily against Christians, as the alleged inspirers of the article.

In November 2002, 20 churches were demolished and desecrated, and dozens of Christians were killed. Many of them were forced to leave their homes.


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